Real Madrid vs. L.A. Galaxy - Part II

The game is over. Yes, Real Madrid beat the LA Galaxy. Zidane was ridiculous with the ball. Unfortunately Ronaldo was "lesionado" so a no show from him. Beckham pulled up lame around the 58th minute, so it looks like he's done for the rest of the tour.

The stadium was packed and the crowd was very enthusiastic. An added bonus was the fact that I was seated right next to the Women's US National Team. They seemed suitably impressed by one of the World's top sides.

"I'm too sexy" --Raúl

Becks tying his "silly" shoes

The Classic Group Pose

Raúl yet again

Did I mention I'm a Raúl fan?

The game gets underway

Beckham strikes a pose

This was one of the few shots that actually came out well. I swear it's as if the camera is glued to this guy. Can you say photogenic? Speaking of Beckham, Pardon the Interruption debated whether or not his potential presence in Major League Soccer would make a difference in increasing the popularity. They promptly began to make fun of the barette/head band he wore in the Chicago game and called him a "nail-polish wearing metro-sexual."

A set piece near Real's goal

Casillas was hardly tested, and when he was, he made it look very easy. Definitely a world-class keeper. You can see Jovan Kirovski in the foreground.

Here's a great article summing up the match.

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